Pastor Bruce J. Smith Sr. delivers each sermon in a clear and practical fashion. He carefully communicates God’s Word and illustrates how to apply the Truths of Scripture to real-life situations. Consequently anyone from any walk of life can listen and be blessed.

Pastor Bruce is also very considerate of everyone’s time. As a result he limits his sermons to 30 – 45 minutes so people have time to enjoy the rest of the day with their families. You can hear Pastor Bruce’s sermons in a variety of ways:

Live on Sunday Mornings at Breath of Life Ministries
If you are in the central Pennsylvania area we would love for you to visit us! We are located
at 6390 Derry St. in Harrisburg. Click here for a map of our location.

CDs of Sunday Morning Services
CDs and cassette tapes of each message are available for purchase by request. The price of each is only $1.00 however, if you are unable to afford this we’ll give you the CD!

Weekly Radio Broadcast
You can listen to Pastor Bruce J. Smith Sr. every week on your radio. Just tune in to Fortress 1230 AM “Your Stronghold for Christian Living,” every Sunday at 9am in the central Pennsylvania area.

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